Forgiving The Nightmare

How do you forgive when you've been wounded deeply?

How do you move past the pain that keeps you up at night, leaves you isolated, untrusting, and afraid? How can you possibly forgive them, especially when they don’t deserve forgiveness? 

Pastor Mark Sowersby shares his testimony with his ministry and book by the same name, Forgiving The Nightmare.

Forgiving The Nightmare Book
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Forgiving The Nightmare

Ministry and Speaking

Pastor Mark Sowersby has a testimony to share about how he was set free from a nightmare of abuse and years of suffering. Condemnation, shame, and guilt were replaced with forgiveness, joy, and life in abundance.

Mark’s ministry, Forgiving The Nightmare is on mission to help those who have experienced hurt, abuse, and pain find freedom and peace through God’s love and the many facets of forgiveness.

His testimony, told to live audiences, on television, and through  his book, is a powerful reflection of the love of our Savior. Since 2019, he’s  been sharing his story around the world of how he went from hurting to health, from death to life.

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“Recognizing what God has done for me has been the benchmark of my life forever.”

In 2019 Pastor Mark went through a time of great healing. He began speaking about the experiences and abuse of his past and God’s grace and the transformational work of forgiveness in his life. 

His message is a message of hope.  “Forgiving the nightmare, it’s far more than just forgiving the abuse. It’s walking in forgiveness. It’s walking in joy. It’s not allowing the things of the past to have control over the things of the future.”

Mark Sowersby
Forgiving The Nightmare
Forgiving The Nightmare Book

The Book: Forgiving The Nightmare

Those who have suffered abuse, faith leaders and anyone who has ever faced the difficulty of forgiving someone have all been impacted by reading Pastor Mark’s book Forgiving The Nightmare.  Heres what others have had to say:

“Forgiving the Nightmare is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage to confront the deepest places in our soul, the darkest places in our past. Mark Sowersby does just that. We can’t change the past, but we can forgive the nightmare and step into a new future by God’s grace.”

Mark Batterson
Mark Batterson

New York Times Bestselling Author of The Circle Maker and Lead Pastor, National Community Church

“Mark Sowersby’s story, Forgiving the Nightmare, is heart wrenching and gripping. As you read, you’ll be convinced that if God can redeem Mark’s past, He can redeem yours.
Mark’s practical, step-by-step advice for moving from Victim to victorious will lead you through a journey of healing!”

Pastor Rod Loy

Lead Pastor at First Assembly of God in North Little Rock, Arkansas

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Forgiving The Nightmare

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