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Pastor Mark’s book, Forgiving The Nightmare is finally here.

How do you forgive when you’ve been wounded deeply? How do you move past the pain that keeps you up at night, leaves you isolated, untrusting, and afraid? How can you possibly forgive them, especially when they don’t deserve forgiveness?

Forgiving the Nightmare is a story of how God’s abounding grace transformed a man to set him free from a nightmare of abuse and years of suffering.  Condemnation, shame, and guilt were replaced with forgiveness, joy, and life in abundance. Mark Sowersby shares his testimony of healing, forgiveness, and freedom. Available wherever books are sold.

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Forgiving The Nightmare is a powerful testimony of forgiveness and healing.

Mark Batterson

Mark Batterson

New York Times Bestselling Author of The Circle Maker and Lead Pastor, National Community Church
“Forgiving the Nightmare is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage to confront the deepest places in our soul, the darkest places in our past. Mark Sowersby does just that. We can't change the past, but we can forgive the nightmare and step into a new future by God's grace.”
Pastor Rod Loy

Rod Loy

Lead Pastor at First NLR
“Mark Sowersby's story, Forgiving the Nightmare, is heart wrenching and gripping. As you read, you'll be convinced that if God can redeem Mark's past, He can redeem yours.

Mark's practical, step-by-step advice for moving from Victim to victorious will lead you through a journey of healing!”

Laura L. Padgett

MA Award-winning author of "Jesus in Shorts: Twenty-five Short Stories of Life-Changing Jesus Moments" and "Dolores, Like the River
"The honesty of Pastor Mark Sowersby's story invites readers to find their own truth about those who have hurt them and their need to be free from the abuser by forgiving them. He calls us to the truths and myths about what forgiveness is, what it is not, what freedom it holds for those who have been abused. This is a complex subject and a multi-faceted human issue. Pastor Sowersby does a great job of offering us avenues for healing and freedom, but does not dismiss or disguise the severity of the abuse. He is authentic in his pain and in his journey out of it as he helps others on their journey out too, and to freedom."

Mark Steven

Amazon Review
“Forgiving the Nightmare” is a beautiful, faith filled testimony of the author’s life. Mark Sowersby was born out of wedlock, had a learning disability and was repeatedly raped as a child. He had plenty of reason to be angry.
For any person who endured trauma, shame or ongoing injustice, I heartily recommend this book. Especially for men who were raped as children. Growing up living in shame and being used and looked down upon by others leaves a person predisposed to living his/her entire lifetime with those feelings and thoughts and, as such, we develop coping mechanisms that are hard to unlearn in adulthood. Forgiveness is key to being set free from these burdens. Mark’s book is a trailmap through the wilderness of pain, dysfunction and anger from having endured such unspeakable trauma.
I hope that counselors, especially Christian counselors, might recommend this book to their clients who have had similar childhoods. Especially to men; but women as well.
There are so, so many lines in this book that I feel are “quotable” – well written and worth remembering.
The format and graphics are particularly helpful to me. I am also a survivor and I also enjoy hiking. I also believe that God has a purpose for my life – as He does for each person’s life.
On page 114 Mark wrote “The purpose of sharing my testimony is to help others on their journey of forgiveness”. This book certainly helped me. I want to add (as Mark did on page 116) that another purpose for this testimony was to give glory, honor and praise to God for His unfailing LOVE.
The entire book is an inspiration.
“In Christ we are adopted… justified, redeemed, reconciled, and chosen. In Christ we are victorious, filled with joy and peace. What a wonderful Savior is our Lord Jesus Christ!” page 116 – That says it all.

David Emmeth

Amazon Review
This book is a miracle. How anyone could've accomplished this feat of perseverance by surviving seven years of horrors and then go on to forgive those who abused them and then write a book about the abuse and its aftermath - it could only be by the grace of God.

This book will speak to you whether you've been abused or not. Mark was not healed over night. It was a process and he explains it well. He provides passages from Scripture that spoke to him, lifted him up and gave him hope. It is no accident that you are here contemplating purchasing this book and reading this review. Read this book, take it to heart, it will do you a world of good. God bless you.

Lowenda Hallbert

Amazon Review
EXCELLENT true story! Mark Sowersby shared raw, painful details of his life of abuse to depict how forgiveness brings freedom. I pray Mark's story brings freedom to hurt folks through the saving grace of Jesus Christ! Thank you, Mark, for opening your soul for the sake of others.

Mike Savage

Amazon Review
Forgiving the unforgiveable is often said but little practiced. Pastor Sowersby demonstrates not only that it can be done but the power that comes with forgiveness. A powerful testimony of God's grace.
Forgiving the Nightmare is a story about a man who could not wake up from a nightmare because it was his reality. That nightmare left lasting scars that formed the lens through which Mark Sowersby would view the world, his relationships, and God. Because when actions and circumstances so traumatize you that they leave lasting brokenness and scars in your body, mind, and spirit, there remains only one man who can bring you healing. And it's not Mark Sowersby, but he will tell you about the one who can in this book. It's Jesus.

Because of the grace and mercy of God extended into this wretch's life by Christ, Mark Sowersby now has a new lens through which he views the world, and his relationships with friends, family, wife, children, and God. That lens is the gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified. This gospel is the power of God to raise the dead to life, and to break the power of sin over our lives with forgiveness.
Leigh Ann Dillon

Leigh Ann Lowe

Amazon Review
An unforgettable story of finding freedom.

Pastor Mark's story brings to life the wonder of God's love and the redemptive power of his work in the lives of those who place their trust in Him.

Rachel Jenneman

Amazon Review
Powerful Testimony

If someone is struggling with forgiveness I highly recommend this book.

Charles Johnson

Amazon Review
I love a good testimony that glorifies God and you’ll be wowed by reading this one. There’s so much encouragement in this book for you to receive no matter where you are in life or what you’ve endured. This is a real down to earth account of Marks story that gives tangible explanation of how he dealt with overcoming some severe times in his life, by making God bigger. This is not a typical roses and buttercups religious type book that washes over real hard scars and hurt. Rather it’s honest and compelling and demonstrates the path of healing and an abundant life found in a loving Heavenly Father. There is an anointing on this book and it will bless you tremendously.
Forgiving The Nightmare is a story about how God’s abounding grace transformed a man to set him free from a nightmare of abuse and years of suffering. 
Mark Sowersby shares his testimony in this book.  A testimony of healing, forgiviness and freedom.  Get your copy today.