From Surviving to Thriving: A Thriving Conversation

Lea Tran and Sara Imm interview Pastor Mark Sowersby

Sara and Lea are two women who turned their lives around from their war-torn countries when given the second chance to thrive in the U.S.

Sara was from Cambodia and Lea was from Vietnam

They had been through the jungle and the ocean to get here. It was arduous journeys but it was all worth it.

We thought it would be comforting to share what was in our mind during the turbulent time of our pasts. Many of us have been through uncertain times before and more than ever, this is our time to bond and connect.

We like to offer you hope, courage, and love to cope with these moments of change.

This is the time to reflect, gather our thoughts and prepare for what to do next.

Let your stories be the voices of growth and victory! Come join us!