700 Club

From CBN.com “This man came into my life and he began to abuse me,” Mark Sowersby said as he recalled the tragic events of his youth. “He began to abuse me in every way, shape or form; verbally, emotionally, physically and he abused me sexually. That was my reality. That’s all I knew was this […]

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Ask The Pastor

Pastor Mark is a featured panelist on TCT Network’s Ask The Pastor program.  One of TCT’s most popular programs, Ask the Pastor brings together a panel of pastors from various backgrounds and denominations to answer  questions, from a Biblical perspective. Viewers can phone, write, or email and get their questions answered live on air.  To

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KCR Podcast

Forgiveness.  That’s something all Christians are called to do, right? Sometimes, it is easier to say rather than do though.  Don’t shout me down when I’m preaching good!  You know what I’m talking about! But for some, life is not all sunshine and roses. It’s a nightmare. One that they cannot wake up from. One

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Contemplation and Disability

Contemplation And Disability is a podcast about Christianity, prayer and disability. I hold nothing back in what it takes to be a Christian while being disabled. I also dive into contemplative prayer and how the Holy Spirit has ministered to me through being still before Him. You can reach me at contemplationanddisability1@gmail.com. Join the Facebook group here: www.facebook.com/groups/239858830887650/. Also

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