Reflect the Life You Want with Tim Howard

On Jun 17, 2022 Mark Sowersby, Author of “Forgiving the Nightmare” talks Tim Howard about how he has been able to forgive his abusers.

About Reflect the Life You Want:

Life is a Mirror! Life gives us not what we want. Life gives us who we are. YOU want to ‘REFLECT The Life You Want™’
This is the theme of the book, ‘The Mirror’, co-authored by Maria Spears & Tim Howard.

In our book, we share personal stories, concepts and neuroscience to help us to apply in our lives along with practical exercises for you to design the life you want. A life of wholeness. A life of greatness.

Maria Spears is a Strategist & Mindset Coach with The Woman School. Tim Howard is a ‘The Man School’ Strategist guiding men through the ‘Great Man’s Legacy’ coursework. Our intent with the podcast is to help you to move beyond just surviving into thriving in your life!

It is not by chance that YOU ARE HERE…it is FOR A SPECIFIC REASON…which will become more clear as you journey along with us to ‘REFLECT The Life You Want™’