Forgiving The Nightmare

“Being challenged to forgive and to let go has been what God has called me to do with my testimony.”

I was born rejected from my father. I was born neglected by my mom. She would bring a man into my life that would rape me, abuse me, sell me into prostitution and torture me. I was broken.  

And at 16 years old I fell in love with Jesus Christ. I recognized the love that he had for me. And that decision has changed my life forever. That decision of receiving that mercy of God, that grace of God.

Recognizing what God has done for me has been the benchmark of my life forever.

So he’s met me on my journey. He’s put people in my path. He’s given me all that I’ve needed. As I‘ve shed off the hurts he’s filled it with his grace. As I’ve not allowed those pains to identify me anymore, he’s replaced those pains with his mercy, with his love, with his truth with his hope. He’s given me all that I’ve needed. Forgiving the nightmare, it’s far more than just forgiving the abuse. It’s walking in forgiveness. It’s walking in joy. It’s not allowing the things of the past to have control over the things of the future.

Forgiving the nightmare.